Doug Coleman

  • General Manager, Advanced Product Strategy, Toyota North America

Hana Creger

  • Senior Program Manager, Climate Equity, The Greenlining Institute

Marianne Kah

  • Adjunct Senior Research Scholar and Advisory Board Member, Center on Global Energy Policy, Columbia University / SIPA

Rachael Nealer

  • Deputy Director, Transportation Technology & Policy, White House

Rohan Patel

  • Senior Global Director of Public Policy and Business Development, Tesla

Julia Rege

  • Vice President, Energy & Environment, Alliance for Automative Innovation

Paul Rosa

  • Senior VP, Procurement and Fleet Planning, Penske

Craig Segall

  • Deputy Executive Officer, California Air Resources Board

Susan Shaheen

  • Professor, Co-Director, TSRC, Director Innovative Mobility Research, UC Berkeley

Rick Spina

  • VP, AV/EV Commercialization and Charging Infrastructure, General Motors

Shin-Pei Tsay

  • Global Head Cities and Transportation Policy, Uber Technologies Inc.

Sean Waters

  • VP of Product Compliance and Regulatory Affairs, Daimler Trucks